Everyone Loves A Bonus

Bonus Time are rooms that become available at the Tahoe Edgelake Beach Club. Bonus Time becomes available if a Homeowner cancels their scheduled week, checks out early, or fails to arrive for their scheduled reservation. Most of the Bonus Time becomes available at the last minute, therefore it helps if you can be as a flexible as possible, and try to get Bonus Time during mid-week rather than the weekend. If you are a Homeowner at the Tahoe Edgelake Beach Club you may call no further out than 21 days prior to the arrival date. If you are a Tahoe Sands owner, you may call no further than 15 days prior to the desired arrival date. If nothing is available for the desired dates, then only Edgelake Homeowners may put themselves on a waitlist. Also, you may only put your name on a waitlist 21 days in advance. If a unit does become available, the Homeowners office will go through the waitlist and offer it to the first person on the list. We do continue through the list if we do not receive an immediate response. The Homeowners Office highly recommends using the wait list to your benefit.

Bonus Time Pricing

Bonus Time prices will vary depending on the size of the unit and are always a nightly rate.

Please understand that the 3 bedrooms and Sweetbriar can be more difficult to get into on Bonus Time because we only own one of each. Also, understand that Bonus Time is based upon availability.

To make your Bonus Time reservation, please call us at (530) 546-5974

Bedrooms Sunday thru Thursday Friday and Saturday
1 Bedroom $100 $120
2 Bedrooms $110 $130
3 Bedrooms $130 $150
Sweetbriar $180 $200

Revision Of Policy

Owners, please be advised that our Bonus Time policy has been revised as of February 28, 2003. At the time of booking a credit card is required. Anytime a Bonus Time reservation is canceled there will be a $30.00 charge. If you are canceling less than 48 hours before check-in you will be charged the full bonus night rate. No shows will also be charged the full rate. Also, please remember Bonus Time is for the exclusive use of owners only, their children, and/or their parents. The front desk will be checking identification upon arrival. Please call (530) 546-5974 if you have any questions regarding the new policy.

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