Attention Please

The following are the Rules and Regulations for the use of your Edgelake Beach Club Membership. Edgelake Beach Club has the authority to amend the rules and Regulations circumstances may require. All members are bound to abide by the Rules and Regulations and agree to cooperate with Edgelake Beach Club in securing the compliance with the Rules and Regulations by their family and guests.

Your failure to abide by these Rules and Regulations may result in suspension of your rights and privileges as a Member of the Edgelake Beach Club, including without limitation, non-acceptance of future reservation requests. By making sure that you treat the Edgelake Beach Club facilities, staff, and other members as you wish you, your family, and your guests to be treated, your vacation at Edgelake Beach Club will always be something to which you look forward to.


RESERVATIONS for each Membership you own, you may request a reservation for occupancy for a maximum of seven (7) consecutive nights of an accommodation of the Unit Type(s) designated in your Membership Agreement. Room assignments are not guaranteed! A reservation request shall be submitted by telephone. Phone reservations can be requested 365 days prior to the first day of the Use Period being requested. Beginning 2019 reservation call-in times for a year in advance bookings are as follows:

Studio Saturday 9:00am (530) 546-5974
One Bedroom Friday and Saturday 9am (530) 546-5974
Two Bedroom Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 10am (530) 546-5974
Three Bedroom Saturday 8:30am (530) 546-5112
Sweetbriar Saturday 8:30am (530) 546-5112

When making a reservation, indicate the arrival date requested and departure date requested. Remember you must begin your Use Period(s) on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Indicate the number of persons who will be occupying the assigned Unit during your reserved Use Period. (See maximum occupancy allowable under “Maximum Occupancy”). Be sure to write down the dates of your request for your own records. If you are current in the payment of all dues, fees, installment note and charges, you may reserve your Annual Use Period. Your reservation request must be confirmed by the Reservation Department in writing before it is valid.

No Member shall be entitled to reserve more than seven (7) nights of occupancy in each Use Year for each Membership owned; however, less time may be reserved. A timeshare owner may split his seven-day Use Period into two or three split week Use Periods subject to the following conditions:

  1. No combination of split week Use Periods used shall exceed seven nights total in one use year
  2. No split week Use Period should be for less than two nights
  3. A timeshare owner may not have more than one reservation for a split week use period outstanding at one time
  4. A timeshare owner may reserve and use only one Friday and one Saturday in the combination of split week use periods used within any use year
  5. There will be an additional fee for each split week used beyond the first split week use period. This fee shall be set by the Association and will cover the cost of the additional services and supplies required to the additional usage and cleaning of the unit

Members that own more than one use week may only reserve a maximum of two units in the same use week. A maximum of two reservations may be made per telephone reservation call. Members owning 2 or more use weeks may only reserve a maximum of 2 units in the same use week. A maximum of 2 reservations may be made per telephone reservation call. Two reservations may only be made for same owner. An owner may not reserve a week for another owner. 

Memberships with two owners and two separate addresses are still treated as one membership. One address must be provided for all correspondence.

If you intend for a guest to use your reserved Use Period, you must inform the Reservation Department; no less than 30 days prior to the first day of the Use Period reserved. Please indicate the name(s), address (es), telephone number(s), and email(s) of your guest(s). At check in, your guest(s) will be required to furnish proof of identification before being authorized to occupy your assigned Unit. Owners who have personally rented out or given their use week to anyone other than immediate family (parents or children) will be charged a $59.00 fee.

Whether you or your guests or tenants use your assigned accommodation, you as the Member, are responsible for any damage to the accommodation and its furnishings and common areas, Also of any loss or disappearance of any furnishings. You should report any damage or deterioration to your assigned accommodation or its furnishings to the Manager. In the event of damages or loss, you will be billed directly. These charges must be paid within thirty (30) days of the statement date to avoid possible restriction of future use of the accommodation. You and your guest shall be responsible for removing your personal property from your assigned accommodation at the check-out time. If you are a Member of Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and you intend to exchange your Use Period through RCI, please consult your RCI Directory and membership materials for the trading rules, which govern exchange requests.

Cancellation of your confirmed reservation may be made up to 30 days prior to arrival without deducting from your time. However, Edgelake Beach Club cannot guarantee that a canceling Member will be able to re-schedule another Use Period within that particular Use Year. If a confirmed reservation is canceled less than 30 days prior to check-in time on the first day reserved, you shall be deemed to have used the entire Use Period reserved. If you are unable to meet your scheduled check-in time, please call the Reservation Department and advise them of your estimated arrival time. Without notification of a delayed check-in, the reservation Department will not hold a reservation for more than 48 hours after the first day reserved.

If you arrive at the resort without your written confirmation and your reservation cannot be found in the Edgelake records, check-in will not be available.

In the event the Edgelake Beach Club determines that the reservation procedures provided in these Rules and Regulations, are unmanageable or unfair to Members, Edgelake Beach Club may, by amendment to the Rules and Regulations, revise the reservation procedure from time to time so as to cause such system to contain such other conditions, restrictions and limitations as Edgelake Beach Club shall deem necessary under the circumstances to assure a manageable and fair system for use by members.

A Member with the right to use a three bedroom unit may choose instead to reserve a two bedroom unit if a two bedroom unit is available for the Use Period requested. In the event that such a reservation by such a Member, then a week in the three bedroom unit will be made available for reservation by any Member with the right to reserve a two bedroom unit. The Managing Agent will keep an account of all such three- bedroom weeks, which become available for reservation by two bedroom owners. Only after a Member with the right to use a three-bedroom week has elected to use a two-bedroom week shall a three-bedroom week become available for reservation by a Member owning the right to reserve a two-bedroom week. Such available three bedroom weeks shall be available on a first come, first reserved basis.



Day Use is a privilege available to Homeowners. Homeowners may use the resort facilities without using bonus time or your use week. All Day Use must check-in at the Homeowners Office. Large groups must make a reservation no sooner than 21 days in advance. A large group is considered 5-10 people (all ages). No more than 10 people will be allowed for a large group. Only one large group per day. Actual owner must be with the large group. Small group day use is extended to immediate family (meaning children or parents of homeowners ONLY). The resort will only allow a total of 20 day use people per day including the large group. Day use is on a first come first serve basis. All Day Use parking is across the street. Day Use guest must bring their own towels, supplies and chairs (TEBC does not privde any items for Day Use). Edgelake has the right to refuse Day Use to any Homeowner, guest, or family member.


Minimum Check-in Age is 21 years old.


Members may transfer their membership according to page 4, section 15, of membership agreement. The transfer paperwork can be obtained from the Homeowners Office. Members are required to furnish all information on the transfer form. The transfer is not complete without the signature and sole approval of the Homeowners Association. For individual ownership a $100.00 transfer fee is charged. A $2000.00 fee is charged to the Developer or any owner which owns 10 or more memberships for any transfer / sale of a Membership. For any owner that owns ten or more memberships, the Board of Directors may withhold a written request for the transfer if the transfer is deemed to have a negative effect on the general members of the association.


Foreclosed upon weeks for lack of maintenance due payment may be re-instated for a charge of $1000.00 only if the membership has not been resold.


Annual maintenance dues are due January 1st and late as of February 1st. A 1% per month interest fee is applied to all late payments, as well as a one time late fee and a one time reinstatement fee. All credit card payments will be charged a $25 processing fee. Reservations within January 1 – February 20 requires dues be paid at least 15 days prior to use week. Reservations may be cancelled at any time for delinquent maintenance dues.


Check-in time is 4:00 P.M. local time on the day beginning your reserved Use Period and check-out time is 10:00 A.M. local time on the day ending your reserved Use Period. You will not be allowed to remain in your assigned accommodation after the established check-out time, unless you have confirmed reservations for consecutive Use Periods. To help keep costs down and to assist the Housekeeping staff, make sure your assigned accommodation is ready to vacate by: Turning off all lights, appliances, T.V.’s, radios, etc. Remove trash from your Unit and clean all dishes you have used. Making sure you have packed all your belongings. If, by chance, you leave any items behind, check with the Lost and Found at the front desk. Locking the door behind you. Checking out at the front desk by 10:00 A.M. You must pay your personal use charges prior to checking out.


Parking is limited at Edgelake. The resort has enough parking for one approved vehicle. When parking is available, we may be able to provide a 2nd parking space/pass. However, we are unable to provide more than 2 spaces. You will receive a parking pass upon check in. Please place the parking pass in a visible area on your vehicle.

Oversized vehicles, jet skis, trailers, water sport vehicles, camping vehicles, and RV’s are not allowed in our parking area. Sleeping in your vehicle is prohibited. It is at the discretion of management and the BOD as to whether a vehicle may park on the property. There will be no exceptions, any violation will be towed at the owner’s expense, and you may result in a fine depending on the transgression.

For additional parking, Rustic Cottages has been gracious enough to allow owners to park extra vehicles on their property for a Fee. You may register in their office located at 7449 N. Lake Blvd, Tahoe Vista. In the past they have allowed overflow parking, day use, oversized vehicles, jet skis, trailers, water sport vehicles, camping vehicles, and RV’s.


If you fail to vacate your assigned accommodation at the end of your Use Period, or otherwise use or occupy the accommodation during a period other than your Use Period; or prevent another Member from using or occupying an accommodation during such other Member’s reserved Use Period, you will be assessed a charge for equivalent accommodations per day. Said charge will be assessed, due and payable immediately. Edgelake Beach Club shall be responsible for determining the “Fair Rental Value” of the accommodation. “Fair Rental Value” for any accommodation at your Club shall be based upon the cost of renting your intentional or negligent act; you render the accommodation uninhabitable for the successive reserved Use Period(s) just as if you had refused to vacate the accommodation at the end of your reserved Use Period. Theft or negligence by your guest, any member of your family, or any other person who occupies the accommodation with your permission (other than an Exchange User) shall be deemed to be your act.

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A copy of the manufacturer instructions for using appliances will be found in each accommodation. Appliances must be used according to these instructions. Installation of electric consumption appliances other than those provided is not permitted.


The period between 10:00am (check-out time) and 4:00pm (check-in time) on each Friday, Saturday or Sunday of the year is reserved exclusively as a service period. During the service period the accommodation will be cleaned, an inventory will be made, and any necessary repairs or maintenance will be performed by the housekeeping or maintenance staffs. This service is part of the maintenance responsibility of Edgelake Beach Club. The costs of which are covered by your annual Maintenance Fee. Members are responsible for all other housekeeping, which they require during their Use Period. Additional housekeeping service is available for a minimum charge of $75.00 per cleaning. Fresh linen and towels are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday upon request.


The Edgelake Property is a Drug Free Facility. Any illegal activities are subject to prosecution under State and Federal laws. All units are non-smoking.The gated Pool and Spa area is Non- Smoking.


During the service period between each Use Period, a complete inventory of the furnishings and equipment allocated to each accommodation will be conducted. At check-in you will be given an inventory list for approval. Missing or damaged items at check-out will be charged to you. In the event any items become damaged, unusable or missing from your assigned accommodation, please report such occurrence immediately to the front desk so that replacement can be made.


The Manager is provided with a pass key to all rooms. At Manager’s reasonable discretion, Manager or his employees may enter an accommodation and, in such case, shall notify the occupant, as soon as reasonably possible, of the reason for such entry.


No dangerous or unlawful substances may be kept or used on the premises. For the safety of Edgelake staff and guest, proper disposal of home generated medical waste is required but not limited to syringes, needles, and other materials. Homeowners and or guests will incur any bills (medical, clean up, etc.) from any medical supplies not disposed of properly. No open fires may be made anywhere on the property including the beach areas. Obnoxious, unlawful, or offensive activities are prohibited. Edgelake Beach Club reserves the right to establish specific rules governing such potentially loud or disturbing activities as use of musical instruments, cd players, radios, TV, or late evening entertaining, if it determines that there is a need to do so in the best interests of all the Members. Good judgment and thoughtfulness for others should always be used when engaging in such activities. All accidents on property must be reported within 24 hours.


Except in areas in which may be designated for such purpose by the Manager; no Member may keep personal property on the premises other than within his assigned accommodation. No Club Member or guest shall leave or store personal belongings in his assigned accommodation at times other than during his reserved Use Period without prior approval of Edgelake Beach Club. Bikes, rafts, and Beach furniture shall not be stored in the units, on walkways, or on the porches at any time. Edgelake Beach Club shall not be responsible for any belongings left by you, your guest, or other occupants at time of expiration of the Use Period.


Members shall be responsible for the conduct of their occupants including all guests, insuring that their behavior is neither offensive to any occupant of the Club nor damaging to any portion of the Club. There is no running, jumping, “playing” on decks & stair wells.


Pool and spa hours are posted in the pool and spa area. Use of both is solely at your own risk. No lifeguard will be on duty. Children fourteen (14) years of age and under shall not be permitted in the pool and spa area unless accompanied by an adult. Pool hours and rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Manager. Any person violating any of the pool and spa rules will be refused use of both. Limited pool hours are between the hours of 9:00A.M. and 10:00P.M. Appropriate swimwear shall be worn while using the pool or spa. The spa is not for play and should be used according to its intended purpose. No glass in the pool and spa at anytime, this includes anything breakable. Any person under the age of 18 is not permitted in the spa after 6pm.


The maximum overnight occupancy of the various Unit Types is as follows: Studios may be occupied by a maximum of two persons; One-bedroom suites may be occupied by a maximum of four persons; Two-bedroom suites may be occupied by a maximum of six persons; and a three-bedroom suite may be occupied by a maximum of eight persons. You will not be allowed to check-in if the number of people accompanying you exceeds the maximum occupancy of your unit.


No pets of any kind may be kept in the units, on the common areas, or in vehicles which are parked on the premises. Minimum fine of $500.00. Upon HOA discretion an additional $500.00 fee per day may apply. The resort only accepts service animals. We do not accept emotional support (therapy) dogs. We are adhering to the current Disability Rights of California publication #5483.01.


Members may lend or rent their reserved Use Period to immediate family (parents and/or children) without charge. Anyone other than immediate family will be charged a $59.00 fee. (Subject to giving the reservation department 30 day written notice in advance of the first day of your Use Periods) You may invite guests to share occupancy of your assigned accommodation during your Use Period(s), provided that maximum overnight occupancy limits are not exceeded. You shall be responsible for the conduct of your quests or tenants, and all financial obligations incurred by your guests or tenants at the Club. The Manager will not give access to any assigned accommodation, without written permission from the Member in whose name there is a confirmed reserved reservation.


Edgelake Beach Club has employed personnel who are responsible for your reservations, maintenance of the accommodations and all duties necessary to make your stay at the Club pleasant and comfortable. All employees at the Club are under the sole direction of the Manager, and during working hours shall not be diverted to the employment of any Member. Complaints regarding employees and requests by members for assistance by employees should be made through the Manager or designated assistant.


The Member shall be responsible for payment of all charges incurred by you, your family, guests, or tenants during your Use Period. Management will require credit card at check-in for incidentals or charges incurred.


No charges may be charged to the unit phones. If accrued charges occur you will be billed from the office.


Subject to availability, owners who wish to reserve larger accommodations than those covered by their membership may do so in consideration of any upgrading charge of the difference between the two units per each use night or at the then current rate as set by the Board of Directors of the Association. The upgrading charge is payable each time more expensive accommodations are reserved. Members may upgrade 30 days or less from first day of reservation.


Reservations must be made for buoy use during or prior to your stay. Edgelake Homeowners staying at the resort may rent a buoy weekly for $150.00 and daily for $25.00. Owners may rent weekly for $220.00 and daily for $35.00 who are not staying at the resort. Long term rental call the office. The charge for the buoy fee is subject to change. Owners/ Guests are not permitted to place their own buoys in swim field (from beach to end of pier). TRPA approved buoy field and swim area.


Edgelake Beach Club may rent your reserved Use Period for you the Member, at your request. This is not a guaranteed rental. If rented, the Club collects 30% of rental fee.


The front desk will be open daily from 8:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. The phone lines do not open till 9:00a.m. The resident manager or designated assistant will be available 24-hour basis for emergencies.


There is a central coin operated washing facility available. Do not wash Club owned linen and towels. There is a charge for damaged linen and towels.


All owners and guest occupying any unit or using any facility must comply with these rules and comply with any request or direction of the Management of the Resort whether in person or by phone. A person is considered disorderly if he/she creates a hazardous or physically offensive condition, by an act which serves no legitimate purpose; intends to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm; recklessly creates a risk by engaging in fighting, violent, tumultuous, or threatening behavior; makes unreasonable noises and/or engages in abusive or obscene language/gestures which can be heard/seen on the property. Any Owner or guest that does become confrontational and does not comply with conduct/harassment rules will forfeit their privilege to communicate with the Homeowners Office. All correspondence will be through Edgelake Management including but not limited to reservations, request, etc.


Contact the front desk or resident Manager if any emergency occurs. After the front desk closes, please call the reservation number to obtain the after hours emergency number, and then contact the appropriate agency. The local emergency number is 911. Revised 9/2020